Zollinger Landscape Services is a full service landscaping firm. Rodney R. Zollinger has been constructing and maintaining gardens and landscapes in Seattle since 2001.  Below is a list of projects you may have in mind:

1) Garden Design
2) Landscape Design
3) Garden Construction

4) Landscape Construction
5) Turf Restoration
6) Turf Installation
7) Hedge Pruning
8) Shrub and Tree Pruning
9) Weed control
10) Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Cleanups
11) Container Design, Maintenance and Installation
12) Patio, Cobblestone and Roman Pavers
13) Pathways and Rock Walls
14) Mulching
15) Drainage
16) Light Irrigation
17) Pressure Washing

18) Decks and Arbor Design and Construction